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Choosing the Right ModChip for your Version of Nintendo Wii

Modifying your Nintendo Wii to load CDs with a different regional code, backup CDs copied from originals, and third-party programmed homebrew, you need to either physically put in a wii modchip into your consoles drive or run a sofmod through a software hacking program.  Sofmod through wii hacking (through twilight hack) can also be used in modding your console through SD cards that are loaded in your console.  Wii hacking programs like the twilight hack and the homebrew channel are safe ways for wii mod.  The twilight hack uses a pre-saved game to cause a system crash to enable the wii hack to run a loader that will allow any application to run on your console.  The homebrew channel is a sofmod channel that can be downloaded and installed to load and run homebrew applications.

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Wii mod can also be done through the installation of wii mod-chips.  Wii mod-chips are electronic devices that you attach to your console’s drive to allow your console to work around restrictions pertaining to regional coding and copy protection.  There are several versions of the wii modchip.      Choosing the right modchip for your version of the Nintendo Wii depends on the version of the chipset you have.  The wrong match can be potentially harmful for your console.  Installing wii mod-chips is easier with chip clips that allow for what is called as solderless modding.

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There is a wii modchip for every version currently available.  Check the version of your chipset before planning your wii mod.   There are six versions of the drive chips which are commercially available.  These are: DMS, D2A, D2B, D2C, D2C2, D2E.  You may open your wii console to inspect your drive chip and look for the version number indicated at the back of the chip.  When you have determined what console version you have you can proceed in your task of choosing the right modchip for your version of the Nintendo Wii.

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Several mod chips are available in the market.  One of the first ones released early in 2007 was the Wiikey.  The wiikey is a first generation chip that may be installed on consoles with D2B chipsets or older.  The wiikey can be updated online or through DVDs.  To circumvent copy protection, the wii key is programmed to make the DVD reader think that the backup copy is the original copy.  The wii key has a lot of added features for optimal gaming.  Important information on wii key and updates can be found on the wii key website.

Modding your Nintendo Wii can be done either through sofmod or through wireless mod.  Browsing through the internet can help your find out more about hacks or help you in choosing the right modchip for your version of the Nintendo Wii.  Make sure you are informed about the consequences, both positive and negative, of doing a wii mod of your console.

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